What is DCWD Genesis?

DCWD Genesis is a pre-built open source software solution for websites using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). We have found and worked with the most intuitive and interactive plugins, scripts, and solutions and have integrated them into what we call DCWD Genesis. On top of including and integrating the most popular 3rd party plugins, we have also built a set of custom plugins that are seamlessly integrated as well.

DCWD Genesis is a premium WordPress package. There are many premium themes and plugins available on the web but, DCWD Genesis is more like a premium theme that comes pre-packaged with many premium and free plugins that are pre-integrated seamlessly. We have worked tirelessly to make sure that each plugin included is the best at what it does and is properly maintained by their 3rd party developers.

Most premium themes strive to deliver the best possible aesthetics and while many of them look great there always seems to be a lack of functionality and usability. While creating DCWD Genesis we took this into account and decided to build it the other way around. We focused on ease of use for the client and functionality first and the aesthetics became secondary. Because of this, we believe that DCWD Genesis comes with the best, cleanest, and most organized back-end.

The DCWD Genesis theme is actually a child-theme built on the Genesis Theme Framework. The Genesis Framework is absolutely the best framework available for WordPress. While putting together a template child-theme we decided it would be better if we could build something more than that. DCWD Genesis is truly in a league of its own.


The DCWD Genesis Plugin Set

In our search to include the very best plugins and solutions we noticed that many of those available for certain tasks just weren’t up to par. So instead we created our own set of plugins that is included with the package. Our plugins provide advanced solutions for several features that most of clients request. These plugins are quite powerful and can even be used separately with other themes for WordPress.


The Events plugin creates a specialized area in the dashboard that allows clients to post events. The events area supports custom fields so that the appropriate information for each event is conveyed properly. This plugin comes with 3 pre-integrated views. The views include; displaying all events, displaying upcoming events, and displaying past events. The events plugin uses the date that is set for each event to determine automatically which view it will be displayed in. This makes adding and maintaining the events as easy as making a blog post.

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The News plugin is like the events plugin without the different views. It has its own specialized area in the Dashboard for easy access and also includes shortcode functionality. This means that a news feed can be displayed almost anywhere on the site just by inserting a small line of code. The news plugin also has custom fields so that any specialized data can easily be entered and displayed in each news post. Although this one seems a bit simple it is actually a very powerful plugin which can be molded and used in many different ways.

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The portfolio plugin is definitely the most powerful plugin in the set. Like the others this plugin sports its own custom area in the Dashboard as well as custom fields for any specialized data. The portfolio uses shortcode functionality allowing you to add it anywhere on your site with a just a small line of code. This plugin shows off some sleek hover effects and intuitive imagery to portray the various categories and entries. We tried out many portfolio plugins and none of them scratched the itch quite as well as ours.

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Additional Features

DCWD Genesis has many other features including the DCWD Genesis Dashboard. The dashboard gives our clients direct access to news and updates about Genesis and its components. When new updates or features are available clients will see an announcement on the Dashboard with all the necessary details. Also, the dashboard has a support form that is submitted directly to our team to ensure the quickest possible response.

Other Included Features

  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • HTML 5
  • Gravity Forms
  • Visual Composer
  • Embed Video Custom Thumbnail
  • Soliloquy Responsive Slider
  • and much more…