GRG has developed, in-house, a proprietary asset management system named “RECO,” which is a web-based database used to track and coordinate recovery efforts on all of our cases. RECO can be accessed anywhere around the globe via internet through commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer. Among other things, RECO allows GRG to do the following with its claims:

  • Electronically store and access all documents related to claims.
  • Upload new documents, from restructure agreements to e-mail correspondence, via web browser.
  • Draft and manage recovery plans and other client reports online.
  • Maintain a log of all recovery actions and other tasks performed on claims over time.
  • Generate form correspondence.
  • Manage information on collateral assets.
  • Manage claims in litigation and track information about complaints filed, claim jurisdiction, statute of limitations, etc.
  • Monitor debtor payment plans.